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Itrina, the artist behind the brand is a Lebanese healing jewelry maker! She started her journey in jewelry making back in 2011 by attending a jewelry making workshop in Beirut.  And that was it, she was hooked!  

In the following year she packed her belongings and relocated to Cairo, Egypt where she still resides now to be near all the raw materials and Workshops and beautiful craftsmanship..  

She fell in love with the beautiful Luxembourg from the stories of her husband Mahmoud, the brand's manager who resides full time here about the diversity and friendliness of the people, the breathtaking nature everywhere you look and the great Art and creative scene. And she is super excited to call this lovely place her new home  Hopefully in the near future.  

Together, they form the team behind the brand. They believe that the Earth is Home for Every living being, so SUSTAINABILITY and SLOW FASHION and creating an ECO-FRIENDLY piece is their top priority!
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